ACROFILE for tenant and credit granting purposes

BEACON file for Employment purposes


A complete consumer credit profile packaged in a clear, concise format, Equifax ACROFILE delivers current and comprehensive credit information through its link to a national, online database of over 200 million consumer credit files. Featuring a straightforward reporting format, ACROFILE enhances credit-granting decision support through continually updated information and advanced database search techniques that provide a complete assessment of an applicant's creditworthiness.


  • Delivers detailed name, addresses and last reported employment history (when available), in addition to file summary, public record, collection, tradeline and inquiry information
  • Provides online access through DAT, PC or system-to-system, and off-line processing via magnetic tape or cartridge
  • Highlights public records separately
  • Generates inquiry alert if three or more inquiries occur within a 90-day time period
  • Offers optional fraud protection via SAFESCAN, Equifax's cost-effective fraud prevention system that automatically monitors inquiries and alerts of known or potentially fraudulent information elements
  • Includes options for the most recently reported current and former consumer telephone numbers (when available)
  • Returns optional "SSN-verified" indicator that confirms whether several major Equifax customers (not the Social Security administration) have provided the same Social Security Number for the same identity
  • Provides direct, online access to Canadian consumer credit files via Equifax's North American Link option-for comprehensive, cost-effective, one-source coverage across the U.S. and Canada


  • Key information organized into a clear format to help streamline the credit-granting process
  • Inquiry section identifies companies that have inquired within past two years indicating possible over-extension of credit
  • Online capability offers flexible, instant credit file access


Designed to identify creditworthy consumers and assess an individual's overall credit risk, Equifax BEACON predicts the likelihood that a new or existing account will become delinquent within 24 months after scoring. Developed with Fair, Isaac, and based on a sample of over one million Equifax consumer credit profiles, BEACON identifies and projects the full range of credit risks-including bankruptcies, charge-offs, repossessions, loan defaults and delinquencies.

Using proven statistical procedures that identify the most significant subset of characteristics distinguishing between future good and bad credit performers, BEACON delivers a score ranging from 363 to 830 (high scores indicate lower risk levels). With multiple targeted scorecards that accurately score both new and established credit files, BEACON enhances the decision-making processes associated with approving new accounts, setting credit limits, reissuing cards, formulating debt-recovery strategies and capitalizing on cross-selling opportunities.


  • Delivers precise and consistent credit scoring without requiring complex data analysis on your end
  • Draws from a comprehensive, nationwide database of over 200 million consumer credit files for complete payment history
  • Updated regularly to reflect changes in consumer credit behavior
  • Returns up to four reason statements defining the elements most impacting the individual's score that also can be used as explanations for applicants or customers not meeting your criteria
  • Offers four industry-specific models (Auto Finance, Bankcard, Installment and Personal Finance) to maximize risk prediction for those segments
  • Ten scorecards support an evaluation of a wide variety of credit profiles, with two additional scorecards for each industry option
  • Odds charts by industry, application and performance assist customers in adjusting score cut-offs
  • Provides excellent risk scoring solution when volume or resources preclude the development of a custom scorecard


  • Offers consistent and unbiased risk assessment
  • Allows credit management according to a consumer's future credit risk while minimizing losses
  • Synergistic with a wide range of online Equifax risk assessment products, including ACROFILE, ACROFILE PLUS, ACROSELECT and Decision Power-as well as off-line with Equifax prescreening and account management products (primarily for solicitation strategies and portfolio review criteria)
  • Incorporates objective standards into decision-making processes
  • Improves overall portfolio management by identifying scoring trends

Target Markets:

  • Credit Grantors (banks, retailers, savings and loan institutions)
  • Utility Companies
  • Collection Agencies
  • Government Agencies (with permissible purpose)
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Travel and entertainment card users

ACROFILE and BEACON are a registered trademark and/or service mark of Equifax, Inc.